Technical Services.

Protecting your brand.

The devil is in the detail.

Organisations with large estates often struggle to manage the associated risks. Business leaders rely on service providers’ assurances, which may or may not be well-founded.

TGB helps you reduce the level of risk across your estate by protecting you from the potential reputational, financial and legal consequences of non-delivery.

Technical Compliance.


Do your facilities comply with all the latest regulations? With so many regulations and changes, coupled with the general lack of transparency, many estates management teams find it difficult to track.


When managing multiple sites and assets, understanding the regulatory requirements and SFG20 standards can be complicated and costly. Setting the correct maintenance regimes will provide certainty to statutory and life cycle management.

brand protection.

It takes years to build but can be lost in seconds. Our technical compliance audits support the protection of your brand.

We have an exciting new white paper available to download.

Take a deeper look at how the government plans to increase recycling rates up-to 75% by 2035.