Service Procurement.

The right scope and right specification at the right price, improving your EBITDA.

It takes a lot of moving pieces to keep an estate running smoothly.

By outsourcing your non-core services, TGB can support procurement departments with subject matter knowledge within the facilities management arena, aligning your commercial contracts with your business’s values, mission and morals. To achieve this, we follow a robust six-step process:

Step One
Financial baseline.

The process starts with a forensic review of
financial data to establish a formal baseline.

Step Two
Requirements and definition.

TGB evaluates your business’s needs against
wants and operational engagement.

Step Three
Market engagement.

TGB conducts market intelligence and considers emerging
capabilities, including benchmarking.

Step Four
Sourcing strategy.

TGB can assist or lead the sourcing strategy, including incumbent negotiations and tender processes.

Step Five

TGB can lead and support final negotiations,
supplier contract writing and stakeholder mediation.

Step Six

TGB has the financial and transformational skill sets to execute steps one to five, to realise financial and service benefits.

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